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I’m Delve Withrington, a type designer and artist. See/buy my typefaces at: Delve Fonts. And check out my mixed media/ assemblage art as well.

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I’m proud to announce that my latest typeface, Helfa is now available and you can get the regular and italic fonts for free (details below).

Helfa, a new typeface by Delve Withrington

Helfa is a new, original typeface that has been in the making over the course of the last four years. The original impetus for Helfa was in challenging myself to create a typeface that I could rely on for use in my own graphic design work. So I set out to design something that felt just right. Among other criteria, I decided it must be friendly but formal enough to be used in serious work, and clean but with enough detail to still be interesting to look at in grander settings. Essentially, I set the bar high for myself and brought to bear all my font-smithing technical skills acquired over the last fifteen-plus years and whatever drawing talent I naturally have.


The Journey

Much has changed in my life since I began Helfa: household moves, unemployment, loss. I have grown as an individual, and Helfa has grown and evolved right along with me. It has been a wonderful personal project so far and I’m excited (and somewhat relieved) to finally begin sharing it with the world. To get to know Helfa, visit my foundry website, Delve Fonts, where you can read more about it, try it out and download the regular and italic for free. Oh, and there are even more details about it in the PDF specimen of Helfa.

Funkyum interviews Delve Withrington

A spread from Funkyum Magazine

Good Timing

Last year, I was invited to contribute to a new arts magazine, Funkyum, created by my former FontShop San Francisco colleagues Lita Mikrut and Jason Chapin. After much hard work by them, the premiere issue was serendipitously published around the same time as Helfa and makes extensive use of the typeface throughout the magazine. In a rather candid interview for Funkyum, I talk about the making of Helfa, the ambigram logo I created for the magazine, and I riff on the theme of their first issue—a juxtaposition of Transformation and Location—as how my efforts relate to them. This first issue of Funkyum also features work by Leila Singleton, Jim Doukas, Laura Serra, Daniel Blackman, et al. Buy your copy over at MagCloud

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